STEM CELL​ REJUVENTATION                            


Injections Directly into the Tissue or by way of I.V.

Stem cells are contained within bone marrow. This has been shown in studies for many years now. Harvesting them from one’s own body reduces the chance of cross-reaction or rejection because it is your own body supplying the stem cells. The autologous bone marrow aspirate (obtained from oneself), contains not only mesenchymal stem cells, but also progenitor cells, which are a different type of stem-like cell. Bone marrow also contains other cells that produce growth factors and cytokines (cells that affect the behavior of other cells). These cytokines aid in fibroblastic proliferation. Fibroblasts are cells that synthesize the structural framework. Stem cells have the ability to form tissue. All this allows for repair and remodeling of soft tissue.

On the other hand adipose tissue is also a rich source of adult stem cells. These cells, harvested from one’s own fat, have an extensive proliferative capacity and can differentiate into multiple cell lines. Stem cells derived from adipose tissue can differentiate cells and regenerate. This type of stem cell is now being used in skin and full body rejuvenation, they also provide a scaffolding to hold the stem cells in place and allow them to grow. Adipose derived stem cells are similar but not identical to bone marrow cells.

The combined treatment of PRP with the Stem cell from the adipose tissue provides outstanding treatment outcome.

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